Women and their live affair with Saree

Just like men love their work more than their women, women love their attires more than their men. Stating this statement with no offence its not that women have a bluff with their work or men do not like to look handsome everything. But, how from male and female to we all have become masculine and feminine, we have been brought up like this. Men loving their work and women all the time with their makeup and attires. But, the happening point is even after a hell lot years of struggling and fighting for woman ‘s right and individuality all the women in all over the world could be made their name and especially in India the diversity like in cultures and traditions the diversity has seen also in the profession of women. Along with earning money and holding the dignity of the society and country the women of India have not let our country down, they have also been carrying along with their culture and tradition and moral values with their profession.

Even now in India women love to wear Saree and the love affair, the legacy of this affair between a woman and her attire is not over yet. Whether cheap or expensive woman do buy Saree in every month, may be they don’t wear it more often but the attraction of love has not got over them. Saree is something which makes every woman look beautiful, and complete but also helps then to hide their flaws, the flaws which are not actually flaws but they may down the confidence they have.

Women wear Saree not only in the regular day but also in the very important day like when a woman got called for an interview to any multinational company she wears Saree, when a woman go out with for a date she prefers to wear Saree, even in the rituals and wedding women prefer Saree not just because of the tradition but for their love for Saree. There are so many young modern women look for opportunities to wear Saree, and this is how they find excitement to wear Saree. Wearing Saree or having love and excitement to wear Saree before getting wedded doesn’t mean that she is ready to get married now. Wearing Saree for them is getting confidence, may be it is symbol that they want to be independent now or they are free. There are many meanings of wearing a Saree. And the live for Saree of a woman should never be demeaned by anyone.

When a girl wear a Saree for the first time, when her mother helps her to drape the saree for the first time, there is an excitement on face, a spark in her eyes, and blushes on her cheeks. She already looks beautiful, as she always a anted to become like her mother. And this love affair between a Saree and a woman would never need, especially with Indian women, but men could get over their craze of work over women because when women drape Saree they drove crazy everyone around her. You can explore wide range of designer wedding sari, Navratri saree designs and many more at Nikvik a complete fashion solution in trendy way.

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