Patiala suits may trace their origin in India but there is surely something about these suits that makes them a favorite among many women worldwide. Why is their popularity growing so much as to have some women prefer them for their wedding occasions?
Is it because of their customizable designs or their wide array of colors? Is it because of their flexibility that makes them easily pairable or the comfort they offer to the wearer? Let’s find out what it is about these suits that give them a cut above the rest.

What Exactly Are They?
Also referred locally in India as the pattian walee salwar, Patiala suits are suits that are comprised of female trousers and are characterized by loose lowers and long knee-length tops that are often referred to as Kameez. These suits trace their origin back to the Indian city of Patiala in the northern regions of the country’s Punjab state.

In earlier times, the dress was considered a formal wear of the King of Patiala but as time went by, different styles and cuts were introduced, transforming itself from a men dress into women’s attire. And as is the case with any other type of clothing, the Patiala suit makes more sense when it is designer-made so let’s find out why this suit can easily transform your wedding occasion into a timeless memory.
Why You Should Consider Adorning Patiala Suits For Your Wedding
Offer Comfort – The first reason that makes designer patiala suits a perfect choice for your wedding celebrations is because of their comfort level. That is made possible by the fact that the dress is loosely fitting, which makes movement free and easy during your wedding. A wedding is an occasion to loosen up and prowl wildly as you enjoy all the song and dance, and the last thing you need is a tight-fitting dress that makes these very endeavors difficult to achieve. As you move freely in your wedding and dance to any music that plays, sweating will also be the farthest thing from your worries.

Symbol of Simplicity And Elegance – When looking for a perfect outfit to wear on your wedding day, you will seldom find an outfit that offers simplicity and elegance in the same package. Instead, you will often settle for one and forego the other. However, Patiala suits offer a touch of elegance while still maintaining their simplistic look. What makes these suits elegant is the fact that they have pleats that are stitched in such a manner that they offer an enchanting draping effect on the wearer, and their simplicity comes from the fact that the dresses are made from simple fabric that can be obtained from any dress maker down the street.
There Is Uniqueness In Their Origin – From time immemorial, most of us have associated great weddings with the West; so from the meals served to the wedding outfit and even the vows, everything has the word ’west’’ written all over. A typical wedding today is one where the bride adorns a white designer wedding gown and the groom settles with a suit. But what if you could break from convention and add some uniqueness to your wedding by adorning a salwar suit? The mere fact that these suits trace their origin in India means they come with a fair share of uniqueness. If you are an Indian or have your roots in Asia, it would be a great way to feel close home and try to preserve some of the local heritage. For those in the Americas or regions far away from India, you can consider Patiala suits as your ideal way of surprising everyone on your wedding day by adorning something considered quite exotic.
Patiala suits may not have been fully embraced as perfect Indian wedding outfit but having seen the promise they hold, there is no doubt these are indeed the wedding outfit of the future.


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