There are different varieties of dresses especially for females available but salwar kameez is concerned the circumstances is entirely different from other clothes .It is one of the most popular clothing among females of allĀ  age in india , Pakistan and Bangladesh .salawar kameez is available in every region whether it is metropolitan or towns and women wear this dress with delight .

Salwar Kameez is produced using three parts :The upper part which is alluded to as Kameez , the lower part which is called salwar and a bit of texture coordinating the indistinguishable material or outline which is called Duppatta that covers the top part of the body .this particular dress cover entire body so you can perform any work with ease while wearing this .it is additionally thought to be as a standard dress for ladies and it has gotten such fame that a number of the huge corporate houses have embraced it as an uniform .

There are different types of salwar kameez available in market .

Anarkali suits:–

This style is considered most popular in the market these days .You can take it as a royal outfit.This type of dressĀ is a frock style kurti is representing the mughal period.This type of dressed have been disappeared in the past after have made a grand comeback after long time .Anarkali is the most wanted dresses for bridal wear among the girls .

Blue Net Bridal Anarkali Salwar Suit


Churidar salwar displays minimal pleats and ghera around the waist and after thighs,fabric or material goes long so that you can create horizontal pleats .

Semi Stitched Blue Embroidery Salwar Kameez Dupatta

Patiala salwar:

Patiala salwar come from joyful land of Patiala ,Punjab .These salwars are for the royal events and worn at very special occasion by every Punjabi women .Nowadays , they worn by most of the fashionistas.

Shyn Blue Cotton Satin Punjabi Salwar Suit

Afghan Salwar:

This type of salwar get its name from Afghanistan .The cuff of this salwar is wider and narrower that the usual salwar.

Pakistani Salwar:

Pakistani suits been ruling for quiet sometime now.They come in various lengths ,designs ,fabrics and patterns .You can wear for any occasion whether it is casual or formal.They bring about the height of taller women ,thus heels are not a must for them.

Navy Blue Cotton Sharara Salwar Suit

Dhoti Salwar:

It is very loose and comfortable to wear .Another important characteristic of this salwar is that it can be worn all year round depending on the fabric of the salwar .for example salwar made of wool can be for winters and cotton for summer .

Peach And Black Chanderi Dhoti Style Suit

Advantages of salwar kameez:

#1.Salwar kameez is one of the most comfortable all weather outfits we have .salwar kameez helps keep cool on those hot sweltering days as it dose not cling to the body . is very graceful and lends the wearer an aura of femine charm.

#3.It is available in many designs,color ,materials ,sizes and suit to any budget .

#4. It will bring out best in you no matter what your vital statics .for example a loose kameez is perfect way to camouflage those extra layers .A small bust can be enhanced by embellishment at the neck & Yoke area .

Tips on wearing Salwar Kameez:–

1.If you are short ,then you should make your kameez be a little longer length .This will make you look taller .

2.If you have broad shoulders then avoid wearing puffed sleeves or Chinese collar top as this will make you wider .

3.if you have fat arms then go for sleeves about 5 inch length.This will hide the flab on your arms and your hands will look thinner .

4.If you have slight belly then you should try and wear a shalwar around naval area ,as it will pull in your stomach and make you look thinner .

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