Konrad Saree is a popular outfit for women in south India .The konrad saree is native to the state of Tamil Nadu .Owing to the typicality of its design ,these sarees are usually termed as the Temple saree or Mubbhagam saree.A hand woven Konrad saree is expensive. These saress were Originally woven for temple deities . Now this saree has gained popularity all over the world because of stunning fabric.The main attention grabbing aspect of these saree is their well crafted and designed border with beautiful motifs of animals and natural elements . Fabric for the saree is also selected after a complete search .The best things about these sarees are they are available in both rich bright colours as well as earthly shades .Because of versatile ,you can choose them as per your requirements .
Design of Konrad Saree:–
Fabric is the essential part to make konrad sarees .The borders of sarees are beautified with zari work and exclusive designs .These sarees have wide boarders between 10 to 40 centimeters .Konrad saree comprises woven commonly in strips or checks.This is called as pettu or kampri stripe .The endpiece of the saree contains either a series of widely spaced zari srtipes or supplementary-weft figuring .The common form of the endpiece of konrad saree is found in wide band which is usually of zari , with weft-wise triangular points woven in interlocked-weft technique .The design of these saree also vary as the designs differ from straight edged border or with various styles of triangular motifs called , ‘Mokku’(flower bud) ranging from simple triangles(pogudi) to serrated mounds(pillaiyar mokku). Such serrated borders are also known as ‘Karavai’(sawtooth).Many konrad saree are named after the color of their borders like ‘Arakku’ saree has a lac-dyed (red) border and ‘Pudapayalam Karavai’ a Yellow serrated border.”
Thsese kind of sarees are quite generally famous for their wide usage in marriage as well as other good occasions.Konrad saree is adorned with silk but its appearance distinguishes it from other sarees. The south Indian saree occupied its high rank due to its stunning weaving method and stunning designs .
Area wise Konrad saree:–
Konrad sarees are mostly designed in the eastern parts of Tamil Nadu such as Thanjavur , Kanchipuram ,Madras ,Salem ,Kumbakonam and Arni.The origin of Konrad sarees was happened in Arni .However , these days other areas of south India like Thanjavur or Kumbakonam have become the most production centers of Konrad sarees.The Kumbakonam or Thanjavur area of south india creates heavy-to medium-weight konrad silks similar in style and technique to Kanchipuram’s although the endpiece wraps are attached differently .
Positive Aspect About Konrad Saree:–
• One of the distinguishing look of this saree is that it always has wide border .
• Wedding related motifs such as elephants and peacocks , symbolizing water , fertility and fecundity are very popular .
• These sarees have generally very light colored earth shades of browns ,greys and off-whites. However, nowadays brighter shades have been introduced for the North Indian buyers .
• These sarees nowadays also have otic motifs done in zari and pleasant colors , both inspired by nature .
Konrad saees can worn by both young and old women .This is one of the most favoured saree to be worn by South Indian ladies in any semi-formal ,formal or regular occasion .
Technically the konrad saree is a figured silk , but its distinctive appearance sets it apart from others .The Konrad saree of south india has been occupying the position of one of the traditional sarees because of its exclusive designs and wearing technique.The exclusive representation of natural elements gets an extra charm in the hands of the weavers .The sarees are available in soothing and traditional colours .The exclusively designed borders of konrad sarees make them stand apart among the other sarees.


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