When you think of kaftans, what may immediately come to mind is hand-painted, expensive pieces that may not be in your budget.However, I’m here to tell you the a beautiful colorful kaftan might be more accessible to you than you think! Digital print kaftans are making them more available to everyone and as such they are breaking into mainstream fashion. You heard right! Kaftans are making a comeback and this is mainly due to this craft going digital.

Anyone can wear a kaftan

Kaftans are very versatile garments and are worn all over the globe by people from many different cultures. Even though, they are more popular among women, in certain parts of the world men wear them too! There are can be worn so many different ways that having a kaftan in your closet is almost a given. There are beach kaftans that can be worn over a bathing suit for some coverage for those coastal strolls. You can wear them casually or formally depending on the quality of the fabric chosen and how elaborate the design is. So get out there and choose a digital print kaftan today!

Value for money

Why am I pointing you towards a digital print kaftan rather than the traditional hand-painted alternative? Digital print kaftans are obviously less expensive than hand-painted kaftans. Now you may think that the quality of the garment may be compromised, but I can definitely say that this is not so! The designs on digital print kaftans are often more precise than the hand-painted ones. There is less chance of human error that may alter the pattern on the kaftan.

Awesome designs

On the subject of patterns, long anarkali suits often have more detailed and elaborate designs since the creative process is digitized. While human beings have limitless creative power and the human hand can create true works of art, digitally created images, break boundaries and allow even more creative ideas to break through and be showcased in a spectacular way. So if you buy digital print kaftans you may have a few masterpieces in your closet!

Vibrant Colors

Kaftans often come in a variety of vibrant colors, some are bright and vivid, giving almost a Caribbean feel to the garment. While others are rich and bold. The digital process allows for mixing and mingling of hues with such precision that a customer is guaranteed to get exactly what they want.


The digital process allows manufacturers to produce garments faster and at a high quality. It makes perfect economic sense why businesses may seek to go digital and as a consumer it means that there is a larger variety to choose from. Digital print kaftans are a game-changer on so many levels and we love it!
So when you are shopping online or at a local store, don’t be afraid to buy digital print kaftans wondering if you are getting value for your money. Be brave! Buy your selection and enjoy making a fashion statement in an awe-inspiring piece.
multi feathered round neck printed long kaftan Multi Feathered Round Neck Printed Long Kaftan

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