There are millions of outfit in the world today but only a handful stayed true to its original design. The Kurta Pajama for men is one of this traditional attire coming from northern Asia and popularly used in India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka which has endured the test of time and still widely used all over the world. The Kurta Pajama set is composed of the top tunic called Kurta and the one worn on the bottom part the Pajama or sometimes know as Pyjama. The word and outfit Kurta is generally used by both men and women in India. Wearing a designer Kurta Pajama for men gives a unique formal look that you can wear the designer kutra pajama for any occasion including but not limited to special occasions like weddings, business meeting, or a very lavish festival.

The Designer Kurta Pajama comes with different vibrant colors like dashing red, majestic blue, beige, all white, black, yellow, brown and pink depending on the mood of the occasion you are going to. There are also some who prefer metallic themes like gold, silver, bronze colored attire. Fashion gurus have a different approach to what color to wear for the different occasion but they usually tend to side with traditional Indian colors or some simply earthly colors like green.

As a traditional attire, the Designer Kutra Pajama can either be made as a craft of simplicity, as the famous saying goes simplicity is beauty, to a very intricate work for art with hand-crafted stitches of different embroidery which makes the Designer Kutra Pajama stand out from the crowd. There are special occasion Kutra where there are gems, sequence, and beads added to the outfit to make it more dashing. Unnati silk is synonymous with Indian handlooms since 1980 is considered the best material for the attire out of the over 300 varieties to choose from. The said silk is made using traditional techniques. There are also some which bare exotic tribal art coming from a rich Indian heritage that makes the look of the whole Kutra Pajama more fascinating and worthy of stature.

The Designer Kutra Pajama has evolved in some cases which have solidified its reign in the hearts of the people living and to those originating from the Indian continent. Most of the evolution of the Kutra Pajama is found in the materials it is made. New materials are mixed with silk or cotton to give additional strength, comfort, and appearance. Silk Designer Kutra Pajama has grown to become a very slick, elegant and festive outfit while the cotton made Designer Kutra Pajama is made for heavenly comfort useable for summer which easily absorbs sweat and protection from too much sunlight exposure. It is a very cozy dress to wear even on winter paired with a kutra jacket.

Overall the Designer Kutra Pajama has lived up to its reputation as a traditional attire which has not change in overall design, except for the materials used to sew one, and I don’t see any reason for this to change soon. It really is worthy of appreciation, a must have Indian traditional attire.

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