This is little strange but amazing at the same point of time that a Lehenga cab also be draped into various types and those various types will give you various look. Lehenga is all about three pieces of clothes that unitedly become the one if the traditional attire of women in India. See the dupatta draping style of Lehengas and drape it differently every time you attend any wedding or function.

  1. Diagonally from left to right

This is again like Saree style Lehenga, dupatta of Lehenga is draped in such a way that it looks like Saree. Draping dupatta like you drape pallu of your Saree and pining it on the left shoulder to right waist. Most of the cultured women also prefer draping dupatta of Lehenga like this, thus helps you to hide your front side of the body and also covers your bulky stomach and makes you look more even and slimmer.

  1. Diagonally from right to left

Taking dupatta from right to left side as in starting from right shoulder to left waist looks alike Gujaratis Saree, or this also says seedha pallu Saree. This is also followed by many Bengali women and those who want to try a different look.

  1. Single dupatta on head

In this draping style of dupatta, you do not cover your front side neither you take it on your shoulder, this single beautiful will come on your head and fall on your backside of the entire dress. This looks very beautiful and cherished, this draping style of dupatta on Lehenga is also followed by Rajasthani women. This is also a rich tradition to follow and nowadays fashion too.

  1. U Shape in the front

Drape your dupatta on Lehenga in U shape. You must be thinking that what it is to drape in U shape style, but it is as easy as making U buy looks more beautiful than you can thing. Fold the pleats of dupatta how you fold your pleats of Saree and then drape it making a U in the front dose of your body. This draping style of dupatta is being followed by Punjabi women on Patiala and so they do on Lehenga.

  1. V Shape in the front

Exactly how you drape your dupatta over your Lehenga in U shape, you will have to drape it in V shape. These are very rarely seen style of wearing a dupatta over Lehenga as everyone copies each other and at the end turn up wearing the same thing in the same way. That is why we are here to tell you how to style your dupatta in different ways.

  1. Double dupatta style

Double dupatta style will give you a typical wedding look, if you are looking for Lehenga styling ideas and dupatta draping ideas for your own wedding or reception then you should definitely go for it. In this style, they have used two dupatta and both the dupatta are matching with your Lehenga. One dupatta is coming from the left shoulder and pinned on the right waist and the other dupatta is falling on her head and on the back. This is the best style ever.

  1. Single dupatta on the bun

If you wearing heavy blouse or blouse which is full of embroidery work and stonework and you want to show it off, you want to flaunt how rich worked your blouse is then the best idea is not to cover your noise at all. But wearing dupatta is not only a tradition but a part of Indian attire. So, drape it like a diva, take your dupatta and pin it on your bun and the dupatta will fall on your back.

  1. One arm wrapped

This is one of the exclusive styles of draping dupatta over your Lehenga, take your beautiful matching dupatta and the one end of your dupatta has to be wrapped on your hand and the other one falls simple on your left shoulder.

  1. Tucked on the waist

This style of dupatta draping over Lehenga is several times seen in model shows, and now women in outskirts of the city are no less than a model, as everyone wants to look good and fashionable. Take your one end of dupatta and tuck it on your left waist drape the dupatta from your backside and let it fall on your right shoulder.

The last but not the least,

  1. Triangle shaped style

This is the best according to us and we are sure you all women out there will also love it along with the others. This draping style is best to show your slim and hot figure, just like we take pallu of a Saree to take your dupatta to tuck it on your left waist and drape it from the back, keep it very loose and take it to your left shoulder. The losses pleats will be exposing your curves of waist and you will be definitely looking gorgeous. No need to wait for more explore Eid clothing and wedding dresses for both men and women from Nikvik a complete shopping destination.

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