In every corner of India, there are different cultures, different languages, different wearing and traditional. Along with speciality in food and cultures, we all keep our traditional attire in mind too. Women traditional attires have more variety than men have. North or South, East or West also North East, every corner has something different to show, to speak to wear and to eat. Today, we talk about the best traditional outfits of women in India; varieties in women traditions in India; Indian traditional attires.

West Bengal

It is been said that West Bengal is the most cultural part of India, actresses like Suchitra Sen and Sharmila Tagore to Bipasha Basu and Sushmita Sen has represented the cultural in front of the world. Sari is typical Bengali Saree, you pick any Saree from Bengali collection they drape in such an elegance that they are adored by everyone. Bengali Saree is mostly made of silk fabric or cotton fabric material.

The seven sisters of India

The North-Eastern side of India is also called as the seven sisters of India, there are 7 states like Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Tripura, Assam, Manipur, Mizoram and Nagaland. These states represent the most essential cultures in our country. Their traditional attire of all these seven states are approximately the same, they drape in the same way. Like Assam wears pat Saree, Arunachal Pradesh wears vibrant colour patterned Saree, Nagaland wears an attractive woven fitted skirt with liken blouse, Mizoram wears kurta and churidaar and similarly others.

South India

South India is the next most cultured part of Indian, people as more educated and civilised there as well as rooted in their cultured. The typical South Indian attire if women is white silk Saree with golden worked border, rather than this woman is always seen wearing kanjivaram, South silk Saree and sometimes banarasi Saree too.


Punjabi culture is conserved as the most dominating cultural in a positive way, Punjabis are so open and free they seem to have the coolest culture, and so their attires either men or women, everyone want to copy their cultures. Women attire of Punjab is Patiala suit and phulkari dupatta. This traditional are followed by every girl these days.

North India

North Indian includes Uttar Pradesh, Haryana other. Women from these states prefer to wear salwar Kameez their traditional attire is either salary suit or salwar Kameez, kurta churidaar. This is considered casual and comfortable attire for women in India.


Gujaratis wear ghagra choli with a blouse. Their traditional attire of Gujarat is very famous all over India the whole India waits for the Navratri, so that every woman could wear ghagra choli and play dandiya with their partners.

These were the best and essential traditional attires of women in Indian. These are the essential traditions which compel all of us to be cultured. No matter how civilised and modern we become the India tradition is our pride and our real identity, which is our own identity and individuality.

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