The importance of Saree among Indian wedding dresses

Saree, it is not only worn in regular days but also in most important days. Women from every caste, class, religion, region love the saree. Especially when it comes about your wedding day, the most important day in your life you decide to wear Saree. In India, we have different cultures, customers, religions, languages, but women from the North or South, East or West prefer to wear Saree in their wedding. The Christians in India apparently follow the western culture, even among the Christian lots of women are seen wearing white chiffon Saree on their wedding instead of wearing gown. So, one from outside can estimate how crazy women are about Sarees. We do not really have to think much that what we are going to wear on the wedding day, what we do have to think a lot is how we are going to wear it. Cause it’s simple, for India women, or for most of the Indian Women Saree is on the top, it is the number one traditional attire for them, especially when it is their wedding.

Bengali sare

In India we somewhere follow the same tradition in all, we just apparently call different names, we give a different name to it, it is just like the languages in India. Women for wedding prefers Saree not just because it looks beautiful, but also because they all are grounded to their cultures. Even wearing a Saree has so many meanings, like the pallu is always been very important for us, a woman showers her blessing for her children through pallu, a woman can have a hold over her husband through pallu, a woman covers her head with her pallu while worshipping. We all may have stopped ahead from all this but the traditions stay within us and somewhere we believe in all of them.

Wedding is the most important day for anyone, especially women as women are considered to be more sensitive and emotional than their practical grooms. So, to start a new life they need strength and how they look, how they give vibe are always depending upon them. When you look good, you get the confidence of facing any difficulties, and embracing all the responsibilities and so you got the courage to do this all from the core of your heart. We all women believe in the science of spirituality, and Saree does actually helps us to nurture and conserve the culture and tradition.

Wearing Saree doesn’t not only give a woman to look beautiful, but most of them believe that it gives them strength, it increases the self-confidence within them, it gives an awakening of motherhood, getting mature, getting responsible and whatnot.

And to start a new life, to leave behind people you have lived with for so many years, and to start a life with new family till you die, the responsibilities get double, so your confidence has to be. Saree is considered and so proven as the best and the strongest attire to not only wear the nine yards untailored cloth but also to embrace all the responsibilities and maturity.

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