Silk is the epitome of opulence, elegance, and class. It is one the most durable and lustrous fabric known to man. Once touted to be the clothing of the royal, it is now the preferred attire for religious and social ceremonies as well as parties. Obtained from cocoons of the larvae of silkworm, outfit made of this luxurious fabric is a sight to behold. They have a sensuous, shimmering and grandeur feel that makes anyone who wears it stand out in the crowd. Depending upon the type of silkworm from which it is obtained and the processing it undergoes, there are classified into various kinds. The types of silk include:

Mulberry silk: The most widely used type of wild silk; It is obtained from bombyxmori worms that typically feed on the mulberry leaves. They are made of long fibers that have a natural sheen.

China silk: It is light-weight silk. The fibers are soft that gives a graceful drape.

Tasar silk: Tasar is another type of wild silk that is obtained by moths that feed on juniper and oak trees. This type is difficult to dye and is usually available in its natural color- shades of cream. It is made of fibers that are short and coarse.

Raw silk: Raw silk or noil silk is made from leftover silk fibers that accumulate over time during the process of production. These fibers contain the remnants of cocoons of the silk that shows as subtle specks on the surface of the material.

Charmeuse silk: It is a light-weight fabric that is woven with satin and has a shimmery feel. It is the widely preferred to make flowing gowns and blouses, lingerie and flared skirts.

Silk salwar kameez is a traditional Indian dress that is worn by women. Lustrous Silk Salwar Kameez undoubtedly makes a woman look fabulous for such festive occasions. The luster and sheen of the silk fabric impart a vibrant glow that’s apt for traditional events. Apart from the conventional and traditional Silk Salwar Kameez featuring Gresham or zari woven pattern or motifs, a large variety of Designer Silk Salwar Kameez are also available nowadays. Designer Silk Salwar Kameez flaunts Gresham or zari embroidered designs enhanced with embellishments such as sequins, beads, zardozi, etc. which make them genuinely gorgeous. Since silk comes in many varieties, Designer Silk Salwar Kameez comes in ample varieties such as Pure Silk Salwar Kameez, Art Silk Salwar Kameez, Raw Silk Salwar Kameez, Tussar Silk Salwar Kameez, Crepe Silk Salwar Kameez, etc. Based on fabric preference and body type, the right Silk Salwar Kameez can be chosen.

Churidars: Became famous in the 80’s the by Bollywood icons, this attire has made a comeback. Since it exhibits the shape of the body, they are more apt for women with slim and structured personality

Silk Salwar Kameez is no doubt one of the most traditional and famous Indian dresses. This beautiful ensemble is so diverse in its ability to be molded into any style that it has become quite trendy. Even in western countries, women love to wear Salwar kameez mixing it with Eastern and Western styles. These days you can find many designer silk Salwar Kameez that you can buy online, as well as embroidered and printed varieties.

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