Sharara design suit has covered all the market in the fashion world. Sharara is a 3 piece outfit consists of a long flowing skirt, a blouse or choli and a dupatta for covering the head. The distinctive feature of the Sharara dress is the skirt, which is divided. It is like a pant fitted till the knee, with a big flare from the knee onwards. There is also a long chunni to cover the head. This kind of dress widely worn by ladies from Asia.  Sharara gained recognition in India with the arrival of Mughals in India. A common attire of women belonging to the royal classes during the period of the Mughal rule, the Sharara has since become popular amongst Pakistani and Muslim women across the globe. Bollywood movies in the 1970’s and 80’s also contributed to the increasing popularity of the outfit in India. We all know that girl’s follow the stars if the stars are changing the design then girls want to copy that look that’s the reason sharara got the limelight from the 70 movies. We can also say that Sharara dress as being a kind of loose, trailing pajama worn by women. Usually, this dress is donned by Muslim brides at the time of their marriage and the most common color for it is red. In Pakistan it is every popular in bridal wear. Girls love to wear these dresses at the time wedding or bridal look.

Semi Stitched Cream And Pink Georgette Sharara Suit

Designer are working hard to give something new look, so design changes every ever. The Sharara suit can be heavily embellished when being worn for the purpose of marriage or simple in case of normal events like birthdays, parties. The Sharara is often compared with Gharara, an outfit strongly resembling the former. The key distinguishing trait between the two is that the Gharara flared pants are joined above the knee.  It is a floor sweeping outfit with long flares carried with an embellished dupatta. Shararas are available in various designs and fabrics like georgette, satin, silk, etc. Few popular designs are golden zardosi Sharara, yellow sharara, resham work sharara, crush tissue sharara, mirror work sharara. Sharara suit with long shirts looks beautiful when girls are slim or we can say any kind of girls which is tall, taller girls looks more beautiful on this design. Designer change the sharara with short kurtis type shirts, cholis and kurtas are paired with bridal shararas. Designers are coming up with new cuts and twists to the attire. With the Sharara having found its place in fashion lovers across the globe; it has marked its own niche which seems to get stronger with the passage of time. If you are planning to wear a sharara with a long shirt make sure the sharara is as simple as possible and whatever decoration you want should be on the shirt please keep in mind top should be slit so it could look great when you wear that dress at the time of party or some different occasion.


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