An anarkali is a dress-like garment that consists of a long frock style top which creates a flattering flowing silhouette. The bodice of the Anarkali is cinched just below the chest and the rest of the frock is flowing ,usually until the knee.The Anarkali is a variation of the salwar Kameez and comprises of the frock style top ,bottoms(churidar) and a scarf(Dupatta).

History:—The origin of anarkali suits dates back to the Mughal era. These suits are named after Anarkali(which means pomegranate blossom) , a famous courtesan of the Great Akbar’s court .She was known for her beauty and pomegranate like complexion .

It is believed that Anarkali a Mujra dancer in Akbar’s court had a felonious relationship with Akbar’s son prince salim. Later when Akbar came to know about their relationship Anarkali was buried become fashion statement after the Indian classical movie ‘Mughal-E-Azam’. Infact this costume was seen quite commonly in bollywood in the 1960s and 1970s and after that the fashion faded away.It is after 20 to 30 years that dress comeback in the Indian fashion industry and become a favorite with women instantly.

There are number of dresses available in market ,why you choose Anarkali suits we have some positive point for you about this suit—
1.Appeals to women of every age and body type : —

Anarkali suits are the top choice of a women irrespective of her age .The outfit has the versatility and looks great at traditional events. Whether it is a religious event , a pre-wedding event or a family dinner .Anarkali suits are preferred the most .Anarkali suits can make a women look really stylish no matter how her body type is whether she is skinny or healthy .
2.Super stylish—
Anarkali suits look very stylish and beautiful .It gives feminine and decent look to the body .It is made of a lot of kali or flares that give it a royal look .Its paired with tight fitted churidars ,leggings and dupatta

3.The Regal Touch:–
The most probable reason behind the growing popularity of Anarkali suit is the fact that it helps to make you feel and look regal.It infuses a royal touch to your overall look.The suits has got its name from renowned historic figure , the Mughal courtesan and has , therefore lived up to the royal name .These suits are mostly rich in fabric and texture and they come loaded with intricate embroidery work.These are often exorbitantly priced because of the heavy embroidery all over the suits using crystals , beads , stones , gotta, pearls , Resham , zari threads ,and chanderi .It makes an ordinary lady look like beautiful as a queen.The immense flare toward the bottom of the Anarkali suit makes you look regal as you make your entry .
4.Suits all kinds of Weather—
Anarkalis are suitable to wear in all kinds of weather .if you are in middle of a sweltering summer ,try cotton anarkalis ,which can keep you nice and comfortable during the torrid summer month .In winters , you can try ,organzas to give your style statement a whole new elevation .

5.An Imperial Outlook—
Since time immemorial ,women in royal families have worn Anarkalis and similar dresses , so it instills a sense of pride in the modern Indian women trying it on and wearing it on special occasion .
As you can wear Anarkali suits at any occasion but choosing this suits according to particular occasion will be good idea for you along with best fabric.

If you are planning to buy Anarkali suit for weddings and other occasion of that scale , you can go for bright coloured suits with heavy work .On the other hand if you want Anarkali suit for casual outings, go for cotton anarkali suits with minimalistic work.If you are young you can experiment with different types of dresses in terms of style ,cuts and layers .The designer Anarkali suits are high on embellishments which makes it the right attire for weddings and engagements .
Anarkali looks best when it is flowy .Hence choosing right fabric is very essential when you are buying an anarkali suit.If you are looking for party wear Anarkali suit , go for fabrics like georgette , chiffon , net , velvet etc. These fabric are sure to enhance your looks. Fabrics like georgette and chiffon are blended for casual outings whereas silk fabric with brocade prints is best for bridal outfits .
If you are planning to buy Anarkali suit you need to take a look of the styles for various body such as pear shaped body ,apple shaped body etc that you should opt for .
Hour Glass Shaped Body:–
If your body is hour glass then you are blessed as all the curves at the right places.In thi shape , you can go for any Anarkali ,but choose the soft material in order that it does not provides the illusion of additionally body weight.If you want flaunt flattering waistline , choose the anarkali that is a little tighter around the waist .
Apple Shaped Body:–
If you have an apple shaped figure ,then go for flattering hemlines .As it will easily hide the disproportion of the two parts of your bodies and make your look great.Also , steer clear of the stiff materials such as brocade or tissue .

Pear Shaped Body:–
If you have a pear shaped figure , go for Anarkali suits , which is slim around the bosom and flared down the waist .Remember ,the flattering fabric with cut will hide the extra bulge as a result you will look beautiful.
Since ancient Times ,Anarkali suit has been the image of royal beauty .Be fearless try something new this year .


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