Kanjeevaram sarees is one of the most famous sarees in india .It is a kind of silk sarees that belongs to Tamilnadu .Kanjeevaram is also called kuchupuram .the name come from the place where it is produced .Kanjeevaram is so popular because the kind of silk used for making this saree is fine as well as durable .because of its border and color , kanjeevarm silk sarees is different form other sarees. It is made by special kind of fabric that is very soft to touch .It is also called ‘ Queen of saris’ due to their luster , long life and glimmer from the exquisite zari work.Kanjeevarm sarees can be worn by all ages of women as well as all kind of functions .


Kanjeevaram sarees can be worn in every special occasion , when it comes to wedding this is the best you can have as bride .Every bride would love to wear this.It is the must have in the weeding trousseau of a bride.No other sarees can stand out when it comes to grace of this sarees.the classy appeal is unmatched when you paired with right jewelry .just select the right one according to your skin and body because kanjeevaram sarees are available in many designs and pattern .



The History of kanjeevarm sarees started almost 400 years back during the region of King Krishna Deva –Raya who was a famous king belongs to chola Dynasty , when two major weaving  communities of Andhra Pradesh –the Devangas and the Saligars , migrated to this historical place .This city was famous for their rich temple culture and use of silk in all rituals  including weddings and other famous ceremonies, it is said that this was the main reason of for settling weaver communities here. These two communities still there and famous for their skills at weaving silk .

Since history started long back of kanjeevaram sarees but still its charm is there because these sarees has been changing in terms of design and patterns .


Making of Kanjeevaram Saree:–

The process of making kanjeevaram sarees started with the task of making thread , which is used at the weaver’s loom. the first step is twisting the threads because mulberry silk thread in the chosen color is selected for this saree. Finest quality of silk is used in making of kanjeevarm sarees .since twisted thread is used in making that makes these sarees more durable and heavier than other silk sarees. Weaver first creates the border , body and the pallu of the sarees separately and then interlocks them tightly to make a single piece .Generally it takes 12-14 to make a simple kanjeevaram saree and almost a month to make decorative one .The cost of sarees is also expensive because zari is used for making .

Summary :–

If you do not have a single piece in your wardrobe then your wardrobe is incomplete as these sarees are popular all over the world .these days whether it  be the normal women or bollywood celebrities everyone is loving these sarees .wearing Indian sarees , you will look the most beautiful women in the world. You have number of choices but kanjeevam saree is bound to make your special day even more special  so this year try something new and be best women in the world. Explore wide range of Indian Traditional Outfits

Brown Kanjivaram Silk Designer Saree

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