A kaftan is a long garment with wide sleeves that dates back to ancient mesopotamis ,located between the countries of Iraq and Iran.These Persian ,robe-like garments also become popular in countries like Russia and morocco. Their patterns and colors are usually vivid and detailed.They are vacation fashion staple that began being considered fashionable in western countries since 1960s and 70s.The caftan is often worn as a coat or overdress ,usually reaching to the ankles with long sleeves.
Short ,belted version of the traditionally calf or ankle-length kaftan can look elegant and interesting in printed silk worn over flowing pants.Longer ones make excellent swimsuit cover-ups and are often seen seen poolside at tropical resorts .
Nowadays The designs of kaftans have evolved and have become more elegant with today’s modern world .When before these are worn covering the whole body , at present ,exceptional designs exist that are liked by many both women and girls .Girl kaftans are now loved by many women including kids because of its colorful and elegant designs .There are numerous selections from conservative styles to daring designs that are dsigned for women to look great about their appearances .
If you want to look decent and impress the crowd ,prefer wearing kaftan this year .There are some benefits wearing Kaftans :
1 Kaftans can be worn in any season ,including the rains, depending on the material they have been created from: If you have purchased a kaftan made up of Lycra material ,you don’t need to worried about getting wet in the rains since this material dries up instantly .
2 Kaftans are not at all expensive and hence can be gifted to the women you know in your life .
3 No matter what age you belong to ,a kaftans always suits your body and makes you look good on the streets :Even if you have elderly women , a kaftan is bound to make you look good .It is typically in your hands to carry yourself in a nice way ,wearing a lovely long kaftans .
4 A single size fits different body types .
5 Even pregnant women feel comfortable in loose and long kaftans .
6 Kaftans are light and not heavy at all.
7 Kaftans are the most perfect outfits that a women can wear to any party or occasion .
If you want to look stylish in your kaftan ,you have to be choosy about accessories that you wearing with kaftan .

The perfect shoes:
Shoes are definitely a crucial part of your kaftan dress.if you wear printed kaftan , it is best to complete your look with pair of nude heels .Even wedges go well with this beautiful and elegant outfit .And when you wear this stylish outfit for a party ,just go for pair of high heels in silver or gold depending on the colour of bling in your kaftan.

Get the jewelries right :
When it comes to accessorizing yourself in kaftans , you should be cautious and careful.Do not forget to consider the fact that the caftans often come embellished with metallic threads ,sequins or beads.At times they come in a combination of different kinds of embellishments together. In such a case you should avoid using any bracelets or necklaces to your dress .A pair of earrings will be the perfect option for your jewellery. On the other hand, if your kaftan is designed simplistically , a statement necklace or an arm filled bangles will be the most suitable option for you .
Hair do:
Try to make up your hair in a such a way so that it goes perfectly with kaftan dress. For example ,if you are wearing a short dress ,going for a high pony tail will be a great options .This will bring a sophisticated as well as a flirty look.
Bag it well:
As a kaftan looks quite oversized because of its loosy fit ,the small bags or purse go well with it .so pick up a clutch or a small purse when yoy wear a kaftan.Preferably , choose the one that matches the color of your kaftan.
Every body shape is unique and comprises of different feature and characteristics. Therefore , these body shapes need to be addressed when it comes to choosing clothes .This is also applicable in the context of kaftans .Here we have some suggestion that will help you to wear kaftan according to your body shape.
Apple shaped figure –
If yoy have an apple shaped figure with a round shoulder ,average sized bust and flat bottom ,you should find something that follows your bodyline. Try to avoid any unnecessary bulk from your tummy ,waist and bust .At the same time keep the silhouette fitted under the bust and along the waist .Dark colors are also great because it can do wonders to create a great impression .

Pear shaped figure —
With a pear shaped figure ,your shoulder is narrow than your hips ,a small bust and full hips .For such frames , try to go for something that makes your shoulder look broader so that the upper and lower half of the body is balanced .Choose flowy fabrics with draping or embellishment at the chest.When there are some details in the upper part of the body it created a visual interest and draws the attention upwards .
Rectangular Figure—
When you have rectangular figure , your shoulder is straight with straight hips and bottom .Waist definition is little and the size of the tummy is of an average size .Therefore , it is ideal to for kaftans that create a sort of illusion of the waist .They beautifully drape under the bust and accordingly they create an illusion of the movement . The best thing that you can do in this context is to create an uncluttered silhouette with discrete patterns.
Hourglass figure—-
If you have an hourglass figure ,your waist is small ,bust is full and bottom and hips are rounded .You can go for figure hugging kaftans that follow a particular bodyline would work excellent for your shape .Kaftans with wider and lower necklines come with embellishments around the bust. These tend to lift the bust and define the chest in the best way . Wrap around kaftans are also great options for these kinds of body shapes .It can accentuate the feminine curves.
Kaftans are gorgeous Indian outfits , no matter who wears a Kaftan she is bound to look pretty in it .There are hundreds of printed materials ,colors and fabrics in which such outfits are available for all those pretty women .These garments have gained a lot of popularity,recently .More and more women are now going for this beautiful outfits .

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