There are number of customs and traditions but marriage is one of the most special occasion in every women life. Every women and girl wants to look beautiful on the wedding day .If we talk about saree , The saree is considered one of most popular choice for women on the weeding day and also saree is considered world’s oldest and perhaps the only surviving unstitched garment from the past.The saree is famous for its grace and it is regarded as a symbol of Indian and South Asian cultures .Because of that Indian weeding saree are famous all over the world .
Here are top five saree for weeding day that every women would love to wear:

1. Kanchipuram saree:–It is type of saree that made in kancheepuram , Tamilnadu .Kanchipuram saree is considered to be popular in southern states of india .It has their own taste .The work and design pattern makes a lot of difference to it.

Green Kanchipuram Silk Saree
2. Banarasi saree:–Banarasi saree is considered one of the finest saree of india .is is famous for their gold and silver barcode , fine silk and exquisite embroidery.It belongs to Varanasi(Banaras). Banarasi saree are not only available in silk but it is also available in Georgette , Cotton , and Organza.It is very beautiful saree for weeding .

Purple Jacquard,Banarasi Silk Designer Sari
3. Mysore Silk Saree:–Mysore saree is trademark of silk sarees made by Karnataka silk industries in mysore , Karnataka.The best feature of this saree is the usage of pure silk and 100 % pure gold zari which is 65 % silver and 0.65 % pure gold .
4. Maheshwari sarees:–Maheshwari sarees are mainly produced in the town of Maheshwar of Madhya Pradesh .Maheshwari sarees have royal origins dating back to the 18th century .It is available in different design and color .It is one of the best lightweight and comfortable saree.The best part about this saree is you can wear the saree on both sides.It is available in silk as well as in cotton .
5. Paithani sarees:–The origin of this sarees belong to a town called paithan (Maharashtra).The best part of this saree is it look same from both side of the is available in both six and nine yard .it is made of silk thread and zari.Paithani sarees are available in color like red , yellow , blue , purple , peach-pink , green and magenta .
Here we have some suggestion you can choose sarees according to that :–
If you are short:—You have many options to choose from if you are a short women .Kanjeevaram saree is best options for you .it would look great .You can also try georgette , chiffon , and silk sarees that can be paired with bare-back blouses and other embroidery work for a truly trendy look .
If you are plump:—there is perception that healthier women can not carry off a saree but it is not true , its depend on saree that you choose .lightweight sarees such as georgette , crepe and chiffon sarees will make you look elegant and slimmer as the fabric sits closer to the body.
If you are skinny:—You have many options to wear if you are skinny and also you can wear heavy saree like silk , brocade , tussar or a rich Kanjeevaram .this type of saree will help to enhance your slim figure in the perfect way. It completely depends on the embroidery , designs and prints , the more embroidery , design or larger the print , the more beautiful you will look.
Fabric of the saree:—Fabric is one of the most important things to consider when you buying saree for a weeding .You can select fabric according to you body shape and the comfort level that you want .silk would be the best fabric for this occasion .
Summary :–for occasion like weeding you have to plane your shopping at least 2-3 month before the weeding , it will give ample time to choose from multiple options including design and current trends


Pear Green,Red Silk Georgette,Chiffon Designer Saree

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