In India or around the world there are too many styles for saree draping. There are some famous style of draping saree like Gujarati, Maharasthrian and Bengali. Bengali saree is one of the easiest draping methods that will make you look as elegant as it gets.

Now , i am going to explain different-different types for draping Bengali saree.

Bengali saree

Start right from your right side of your waist and tuck the first end of your saree in your petticoat or body shaper skirt. Wrap it around your waist until the whole fall comes back again to the point where it has started – the right side. While wrapping the whole fall of saree, keep on tucking the entire edge all along for a secure fit. The bottom border of the saree should graze the top of your feet, and should look horizontally straight and parallel to the ground.

you make a broad pleat with the help of both your hands, making folds placed on the right. Do make sure that the pleat falls at the end of your right leg. Preferably a box pleat done with care can enhance the look of the drape further.

You have wrapped the saree once around your waist and tucked it on your right side hip, take the continued edge of the cloth, and tuck it into the left side of your waist. Then, reverse the direction, folding the saree back on itself from the left, and tuck it again on the right side of your waist. Moving from the right tuck, bring the cloth back across the front of your waist, and tuck it again on the left side. Do this one more time, moving from the left tuck, and tuck it again on your right side waist.

Holding the box pleat of the saree with both the hands, you will have to flatten and stiffen the front of your saree to get a neat and clean finish to it.

bengali saree

Traditionally, a Bengali woman used to take her house key knotted at the end of her pallu. It is not necessary and you can leave the end of the pallu without any ornamentation. In a Bengali style saree, pallu and border work are very important. Make sure the adjustment of the pallu and folding has been done accordingly so that the full beauty of the border can be seen by all.

To add Bengali flavors even further, add a key chain or so in the end and throw the pallu on the back of your right side.

Magical golden brocade borders to mesmerizing thread works, lace works on the blouses to frilled worked at the bottom of the petticoat, it seems that nothing is ignored in the eyes of Bengali beauty. In Swarnachari sarees, you can see an amazing golden threads woven work. On the other side, Baluchari sarees showcase alluring motifs all around the borders.
Bengali saree wear can be teamed up with big jhumkas and a small bindi matching the color of your blouse. Usually best if the color of the saree ranges anywhere between maroon to red, women try it on all sorts of blended color combinations these days to experiment.

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