How to wear a Saree in 9 nine different ways

Parties happen not in once in a month but sometimes twice a month, when you live in community with your family the other families from the society become not only your urge friends but the family soon. Living away from your native place is difficult, so in cities, friends become tour family and live with you, your sadness and happiness. So, getting invitations and inviting others has become a routine to your life. We have to afford to get friends by inviting for dinners and get together but how do we afford wearing exclusive clothes at every party. We gave git this solution to your problem, you cannot buy a new dress for every party, you neither can repeat one or two dress for every party, but you can wear one dress like 9 times that too in different styles.

Yes, you read it right, scroll down and see the pictures of 9 different draping styles of a Saree. Draping your Saree in modern is always preferable and comfortable. Crease your pleats of Saree elegantly and tuck it into your belly, crease the pleats of pallu similarly and the modern way Saree is ready. The other way to drape your Saree in a modern way is as same as this just let the pallu fall and your elegant Saree look is ready, and so you are ready to rock. You can wear Saree in parties in a very traditional way, that will give you a unique look, draping your Saree in an opposite way is a tradition followed by women from Andhra Pradesh, this drawing style of Saree is known as kappulu Saree, thus Saree help you to show your work of Saree completely, as the saree cover your front area and your back area. Seedha pallu draping style of Saree is also very famous but not often used by the women in parties, breaking away the mainstreamed style one can try the Seedha pallu draping style and here pallu comes from back to front and the pallu work will be highlighted. Not only this we have more draping styles of one Saree like scarf style draping style where you can take the pallu around your neck and it looks very modern and as well as sophisticated at the same point of time. The retro draping style is also very famous, yes it is used to be worn in Mumtaz’s time but people do follow her style even till date, the retro draping style of Saree does not include the pleats on the front rather than you got to drape it around your body and this is how there become a layer of the border which looks the most different than any other draping style. And at last, we introduce the butterfly draping style of a Saree to you, which is very elegant and represents a very sophisticated class

So, hurry up, don’t let this opportunity go from your hand read it out, see the images and learn different-different draping styles and dress differently at every party. You can explore a wide range of Indian clothing for women and men’s, choose your desired wedding saree and wedding sherwani from Nikvik an ultimate choice for everyone.

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