The festival of colors is very near,bringing with it new form of joy and happiness in our lives. Holi, also known as the ‘Festival of Colours’ or ‘Festival of sharing love’.This festival signifies the victory of right over wrong,the arrival of spring season,end of winter season,play and enjoy,forget and forgive,repairing of broken relationships,thangiving for good harvest.on this day people forget their enmity and become friends.On this day everyone look colorful.It is mainly celebrated in India,Nepal and some other regions of the world where the population of Hindus or Indian origin are significant in numbers.But nowadays it has been spread to some parts of south Asia,Europe and North America  marked as a celebration of love and colours.It lasts for two days starting on the purnima (full moon day) which falls somewhere between the end of February and the middle of March.The first day is known as Holika Dahan or Chhoti Holi and the second day as Rangwali Holi.The reason for its huge popularity is its uniqueness.This year it is taking place on Monday 13th March, as it is celebrated the day after the full moon in March each year.

The most  important question comes in to our mind what to wear on this occasion so that  we look different in the crowd.

  1. Choose the right fabric – We should choose the type of fabric which are cozy to wear. It should not stick to your body.Avoid transparent clothes.Cotton,silk and georgette would be most suitable fabric for this occasion.   White,Blue Creap Silk Printed Saree
  2. Choose the right colour – Although white is the most preferable color for this occasion but you can try light shades of pink,peach,gold,yellow also.
  3. Sari – Saris in white or light shades of pink,yellow,peach,gold are the most suiatable for this occassion.Try to avoid transparent sari so that when it will wet not look vulgar.Choose the light weight saree with not so much embroidery and other works done on it.
  4. Suits – Palazzo,straight cut and anarkali suits are the most suitable dresses for this occassion.Try to avoid transparent palazzo,straight cut and anarkali suits.Don’t forget to carry dupatta with it.
  5. Kurti – You can wear long kurtis in white or light shades of pink,yellow,peach,gold with leggings or short kurtis or tops with jeans.                 Beige Rayon Kurti
  6. Kaftans – You can also try digitally printed kaftans which are very comfortable and easy to carry also
  7. Jewllery – You should avoid to wear heavy and precious jewellery because they can be lost or slipped off in the holi madness.You can put bindi and earrings that is enough for this occasion.
  8. Makeup – On this occassion avoid any types of makeups just be natural.
  9. Skin – To prevent your skin from any types of toxic effects of colors,apply your skin with olive or coconut oil.Cover your lips with a thick coat of Vaseline or any other lip guards.Protect your nails from permanent colours by applying thick coatings of nail polishes.If you have long nails then you can also use it underside of the nails also.
  10. Hair – To prevent your hair from any toxic effects of  colors,apply olive or castor oil over it.

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  1. None of these fancy gladrags from The White Company, you just need a basic white t-shirt and shorts or a dress that you don’t mind getting totally ruined.

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