A Half n Half saree is a two part saree concept .The first part is the upper part known as the pallu and other lower part is known as patli. This saree is crafted in such a way that it gives a constant look but in actual different at pallu patli part that gives a creative look to  the outfit .Half-Half saree concept is a hot trending style in fashion these days .Mixing two different shades ,designs and fabrics into one saree is an elegant way of generating a distinctive stylized saree for a party .These sarees invariably make your personality shine through in all moments and events .They are exquisite and fashionable while always offering a certain pop style .Whether you are an empowered women of professional position or a housewife or a young lady groping to make her presence felt with extraordinary fashion taste , designer Half-Half saree can just give your personality a new flavor.

These days women are getting more conscious towards the fashion and they are always seeking some unique styles in traditional clothing and tend to wear something classy and stylish .Half-Half sarees are perfect outfit for you to grab the attention of all with wonderful combination of fabrics and colors. These sarees are different from those traditional sarees in appearance and style of draping.For every women of contemporary fashion taste Half-Half sarees are truly special apparel.

Benefits Of Wearing Half-Half sarees:–

Half-Half sarees are the most notorious saree variety as they give you a flock of benefits-ease to wear . latest style , the everlasting design quality .Half-Half sarees with patches of design and embroidery can give your regular ,festive  or occasional appearance a kind of chik look. The Half-Half sarees is a saree with two color combination for a sophisticated combination and a more appealing look.It is also available in various fabrics from cotton to silk , poly-cotton to net and others

Besides the special moments and regular walks of life , exquisite options in Half-Half sarees can further give your appearance luster and fluidity .When you wish to look gorgeous and equally contemporary in fashion  , Half-Half sarees come as a nice options .

Style and Variety :–

Bold color combination such as Red and Off white , Black and Beige , coral and blue , pink and green ,cyan and black , royal blue and rani pink are popular choice amongst buyers .

Floral Prints:-

Floral Printed Half-Half sarees in any color combination are sure to make you charming all summer long .

Bollywood Style:-

Half and half sarees are synonymous with bollywood stars , who were the ones to first introduce the style .Deepika padukone made the Half and Half saree famous on the sets of her movie Chennai Express .Shilpa shetty is the queen of promoting Manish Malhotra’s Half and Half sarees. Bollywood styles Half and Half saree will help you make that ultimate fashion statement .

Summary :–

This is modern version of Indian saree .Half and Half sarees are becoming ultimate choice for buyers in Indian ethnic wear. Today Half and Half saree are worn by stylish women and bollywood divas worldwide at casual parties , anniversaries and weddings .If you want to look charming ,if you want to look stylish , Half and Half sarees is the best options for you .This new innovation in saree has been accepted by everyone . If you don’t have Half and Half saree in your collection , visit www.nikvik.com , you will get so many different types of Half and Half sarees.


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