Follow 5 tips which will make you look slimmer in wedding Lehenga

Fabric material

The very first thing matters are what kind of fabric material you are wearing, there are some types of fabric material which will make you look fat even if you are thin and slim and there are few fabric which will make you look slim. Choosing fabric material also depends upon in which season you are getting married, if it is summer then feel free to wear soft and light fabric material. Wear sleeveless blouse and long cut Lehenga with one hand dupatta. Choose raw silk Lehenga, Georgette Lehenga, poly chiffon Lehenga, or you can also go for poly crepe Lehenga. This fabric material give comfort as well as makes you look slim. Even if you have a little bulky figure you will look pretty slim in these fabrics.

Neck and sleeve style

Though in Lehenga the main attire is the skirt sometimes the blouse with a good neck style and sleeves style can make you look slimmer. If you want to look slimmer than what you are, then you must have a little problematic figure somewhere, the entire figure can look great and glorious even by the styling your blouse. Try and prefer wearing elbow length blouse, elbow length blouse will hide your bicep fats and you won’t look fat anymore. In neck side, choose a little deep from the backside as well from the front size because with elbow length blouse if you wear neck covered blouse you will look packed. Deep cut neck with elbow length blouse is all set with your long cut layered skirt.

The question of what to do with this wedding lehenga or wedding Saree is been asked by every
bride since brides and grooms are marrying each other. We have seen our Granny our mother and
every woman keeping their wedding Lehenga or wedding saree in a safe as if it contains all your
property. Though the worst of that wedding outfit may not possess any money now it is attached
with lots of memories and lots of wishes, compliments still every woman has been asking to recycle
their wedding outfit, to revive the wedding Lehenga or saree. After being asked so many times, like
after looking for something which can really help you to wear it again without having a bridal look
we have come with very good suggestions. You can explore our other gallery for Latest Eid Dresses and Festival Outfits.

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