Chaniya Choli or Lehenga Choli is most desired traditional outfits in Asia that enhance beauty and charm.  Matching fashion accessories and lovely makeup provide you glorious look overall. Lehenga choli is seen today during wedding, party, traditional events and also in pujas.

The traditional Navratri Costume for women is the Lehenga Choli/Chaniya Choli and fabulous jewellery from head to toe. So, note down all these ideas for 2020 Navratri dresses ideas and Jewellery ideas.

Indian Women have been wearing the layered lehengas for quite some time now, but 2020 brings with it riot colours to it! The layered ghagra and chaniya choli can be of two types. Either another complete layer is added to the skirt or a partial or irregular layer is added. The 2020 trend in chaniya choli for Navratri, is contrast-coloured layers. This can be teamed up with a matching or oxidized silver jewellery.

Besides the layered chaniya choli, the 2020 trend includes mirror reflections. The mirror work on Chaniya Choli which already was very popular some time ago is back in fashion this year with oversized mirrors. This style inspired by Rajasthani mirror work uses oversized decorative mirrors attached to the fabric which makes the ghagra choli look incredibly reflective, heavy and attractive. This kind of a lehenga choli must be included your Navratri dresses.

Your Navratri festival dresses ideas must include a backless Sark chaniya choli blouse if you want to be a head-turner! Sark Blouses have always been eye-catchers and will continue to be the same this year and many coming years. When choosing your lehenga choli for navratri, try a backless or tied up corset blouse with your ghagra choli and team it up with a beautiful choker.

Whatever you decide to wear recollect you will be on the move floor. Solace ought to be the primary condition in any ethnic outfit. At the point when you are picking your Navratri lehengas, they should be agreeable with the goal that you can move joyfully. You can explore Diwali Festival Dresses from our festival gallery.

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