Beautifully designed, brilliantly textured and presented in myriad materials and colors, the most reputed store comprising the broadest collection of designer wear silk salwar kameez is synonymous with the quality of these demanding salwar kameez. The store incorporates the original and traditional designs in the attires, yet give a new and innovative touch to them. It is ensured that the customers can feel and experience the comfort and style of the fabric of the suits when wearing them. From the simplest and the plain suits like gadhwal, jamavar, patola, and upaddas to the royal looking  suits like banarasi silk , georgette, and crepe silk, the entire collection is extremely elaborated. This factor makes the suits the absolute worth of the money spent on these. The designs are researched before applying any of the designs or patterns on the suit. This makes every design and prints unique from each other. The customers can easily find ample traditional and unforgettable patterns on them.

The Kanchipuram silk suits  are originally created by the talented weavers from the Kanchipuram region of Tamil Nadu. These beautifully woven pieces are extremely comfortable. The bridal range of the Kanchipuram suits holds the pride of place among the diverse varieties of the south-silk suit available. Kanchipuram silk is mainly preferred for the bridal salwar kameez due to its durable property and the grandeur of them. These types of attires last for a lifetime or even longer. Chiffon silk is considered as one of the most demanding designer wear silk salwar kameez. It is a lightweight, balanced, and a sheer silk fabric for weaving such ethnic wears. The alternate yarn pattern is followed for weaving these. This transparent piece is quite versatile since these types of attires can be used for draping in all types of occasions. The only thing the wearer has to see is the design on these. The simply designed ones are fit for casual purposes and the heavy worked pieces are woven for the grand occasions including weddings, parties, etc. Chiffon suit are good for wrapping even during the summer days due to the cooling effect is given on the skin by these wrappings.

Among the bridal outfits, Banarasi suit flatter the personality of the bride the most the most vital part of the bridal trousseau is that these attires carry motifs and patterns that are passed through the centuries. Banarasi silk fabric is gossamer, feminine, and too gorgeous. These types of suits are woven in the traditional colors like saffron yellow, vermillion red, sea green, etc.

There are several varieties of handloom suit. Kota silk made out of the purest form of silk and cotton, in distinct square-cut patterns look extremely beautiful and are exceptionally comfy too. The weaving technique is elaborate and the yarns are often strengthened culturally by the homemade  materials, thus, providing the fabric versatility and the strength. These attires are found to have a fine weave, and light in weight. Designer silk sawlar kameez are woven out of silk and other gleaming materials, including a varied choice of motifs, patterns, and shades. These pieces are often designed with beads, sequins, embroidery works, zari borders, laces, brocade work, etc  that give these a rich and a festive look.

Among different type of designer wear silk salwar kameez are the Tussar Silk suit is found to have a rich texture, a deep hue, and a shine that make these pieces stand out from the rest. These are enriched with the tribal art and the embroidery works and is available in both plain and printed designs. The weaving process used here is quite intricate and indulge the vivacious colors beautifully.

Priyanka Chopra In Pink Silk Achkan Style Suit

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