Bollywood innovative Saree draping style with backless choli

The winter is going now and the wedding season is in the corner, you might have got a lot of invitations of wedding of neighbours, of a relative or the wedding it might be in your own home. Summer means fewer clothes, light clothes and also hot clothes. Whenever we think of wedding we remember functions, rituals, lots of enjoyment with family and friends and clothes of course.

It has become a legacy for every woman to wear Saree in the wedding, the problem is what type of Saree to you want to wear the saree, the fabric material of the saree and the colour can be decided by yourself but we have got some exclusive designs of innovative draping styles of Saree with backless choli. It is obvious that if you are attending a wedding you want to look best, you want to look best after the bride, or we would say that you want to look at the best bridesmaid. We’ll to help you out we have few pictures of heroines from Bollywood wearing amazing Saree with backless choli. Let’s scroll down and look the gorgeous picture of the fashionable actress wearing so lovable Saree.


Deepika Padukone

Deepika always slays in whatever she wears, whether it is Indian or western. But you have to agree that she cannot look better than she looks when she wears a Saree. Whether it is in Bansali ‘s movies like Ramleela, Bajirao, or Padmavat she looks fabulous or it is in the parties and social gathering she slays in sexy backless blouse and chiffon Saree.



Kajol has always been seen in one colour silk Saree with backless blouse, her blouses are always different from other, transparent fabric on arms and backless from the back. Most of the backless blouses have the knot on the back it is the exotic design which stays forever. Kajol always drape her Saree in a modern way, and she leaves he pallu fall.


Bipasha Basu

She is not only one of the sexiest actresses in our Hindi film industry but she is also a very fashionable actress. She always looks hot even when she wears Indian attire. We have often seen her wearing Saree, draped in Bengali style with backless puffed blouse. The puffed blouse is very famous among women in the Bengali community, every women have this puffed blouse and love to wear Saree draped in Bengali style and look alike her.


Vidya Balan

Vidya has always been seen in Sarees, she is the only actress in our Bollywood industry who can slay even wearing only Saree and a backless blouse. She doesn’t have to wear short skirts or western outfit or anything. She proves every time she comes on screen that a woman in Saree can also look fabulous. See how Vidya Balan drape Saree and what deigns of backless blouse she wears.

This was our information on how to drape a silk or chiffon Saree in innovative Bollywood style and what to wear with it.

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