Banarasi sarees are made in Varanasi city in north India , Which is also called Banaras. Banarasi sarees are known for their intricate Gold and silver work and beautiful designs. As Banarasi sarees have a lot of zari work , they are usually very heavy .It takes many days we can say month to be made by the weavers of Banaras .You can wear these sarees during weddings ,Festivals , and other famous festivals .These sarees are famous for their grandeur and sheer opulence. The highlight of banarasi sarees is Pallu because it is very grand and full of intricate designs .

Banaras now it is called Varanasi has been famous for its Brocades and Sarees. The exquisite fabric was produced by wearing with warp & weft threads of different colors and often of different materials. It appears from ancient texts that in the early days , gold and silver threads used to be made to such a fine quality that they could be woven into fabric of pure gold or silver .We find evidence of several kinds of textures of cloth since Rig Vedic times and , one can easily figure out the cloth of gold as a distinguished type belonging to the above mentioned metallic fabric .The use of silkora mixture of silk and cotton , in the wearing of the brocade seems to have been a fairly recent innovation .Though it is difficult to say , when the art of brocading started in india , especially in Varanasi , we find mention of the use of this kind of fabric , right from the Vedic period upto the Buddhist period .It is said that when Buddha attained Nirvana , his mortal remains were wrapped in Banarasi Material i.e brocade which radiated dazzling light of yellow , red and blue .
The reason for becoming so popular of banarasi sarees is it has no ups and downs which means it was famous in past and still it is so popular except this sarees whether it is Chiffon sarees , jacquard sarees and many other type of sarees .every sarees have certain time frame after that it become less popular but banarasi sarees has never goes out of fashion .
These sarees are famous for their gorgeous rich fabrics embellished with elaborate and extensive zari embroidery and designs , which give the banarasi sarees a fine look that is basically for formal functions .these type of sarees are always on top if we talk about brides when they are planning for shopping for their wedding attire .
However , Bnarasi sarees are known for wedding and formal occasion , it does not mean that it you can not wear for official purpose .we have some suggestion for you if you want to wear banarasi sarees to the office .
You can try such banarasi sarees which are lightly embroidered or sparingly embellished with motifs and other designs .do not go for heavily embroidered sarees and also try to choose lighter colored sarees as this will give professional and classy look .most of the top business women prefer to wear banarasi sarees for office because of the style and class that it carry .
How to store Banarasi sarees:–
It is very important to maintain and store Banarasi sarees in such manners so they always look evergreen because certain emotion is attached with sarees if you have used for wedding or any other festivals and also the shine and work on banarasi sarees are so expensive so it is quite important while maintenance and storage .There are certain tips which is mentioned below that will keep banarasi sarees evergreen .
It should store separately and wrap in muslin cloth .
Do not wash at home if you done something wrong while washing it will affects shine and threads.
If you are washing at home , wash it separately.
Store in dark place to prevent discoloration.
Always keep the sarees in hanging position but it is mandatory to change the folds after certain time .
Summary :-
Banarasi sarees is must have collection for every women who want to look beautiful at the same time classy .


Green Banarasi Silk Kanjeevaram Saree

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